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Tracy is passionate about helping businesses grow and has, over the past 12 years, successfully built a great reputation for being able to cut through the confusion of government legislation and help business understand their accounts and give them confidence they HMRC Compliant.

Tracy is a proper accountant, super friendly, and renown for explaining the complex numbers stuff in a way that humans can understand!

She enjoys helping business grow so much that she has launched a Mastermind Group in her local area to facilitate the growth of switched-on, proactive entrepreneurs. If your business isn’t getting critiqued enough or you’re struggling to get to the next level – why not have a chat with Tracy.

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What Tracy's clients say...

"She's always a positive person, you know that she wants you to succeed"

Starting out in business myself has to be one of the most daunting things I've ever done. With so much to learn and understand that you've never had to consider before it was a lucky day for me when I met Tracy!

From the start I felt she was someone who I could discuss my ideas with, someone who would listen and help me to work out how I was going to achieve my goals rather than putting more in my way.

I've found over the last 12 months her business advice has always been invaluable, Tracy's always such a positive person, you know that she wants you to succeed and is able to give the kind of advice that points you in the right direction and helps you get over obstacles in the way.

I'd definitely recommend her to anyone, even if you think you don't need her!

Lynn Beach
Rebel Interiors
"Her passion is to inspire, develop and share her knowledge"

I have known and worked with Tracy for the past 3 years. If it wasn’t for her knowledge and vision within the business industry Happy Houndz boarding kennels would not be at the stage that it is now. Tracy inspires me as a business owner, she doesn’t need to be an expert within my field of business, because the advice and the information she gives you, is all round information that suits you as business owner that can and will improve your company.

Tracy is a practical down to earth lady who has her feet firmly on the ground. Her passion is to inspire, develop and share her knowledge and in return her satisfaction comes from knowing that she is helping you to achieve the goals that you have set out.

A truly inspirational person, who if you’re fortunate enough to have the pleasure to work with, will develop and inspire you both personally and professionally.

Julie Thompson
Happy Houndz Boarding Kennels